Fossil Free Round Up - September 12th, 2014

Fossil Free Round Up - September 12th, 2014

School is back and fossil free campaigns are hitting the ground running. Check out all of these amazing launches coming out of divestment campaigns on campuses all across the country! 

At Divest UVic, the Professional Employees Association has launched a petition for its members to sign in support of divestment, and even the university mascot Thunder is on board! And now you can follow Divest UVic on instagram: @divestuvic

Check out more awesome photos from Divest UVic's first week back here.  

 Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Divest Dalhousie has been continuing their 100 Days of Action campaign with a major win - the Dalhousie Student Union has affirmed their commitment to divest DSU's $2.5 million investment pool from fossil fuels. 

Divest McGill got some coverage in the Charlatan. "We think that an institution that is dedicated to the well-being of society and the environment should not be complicit in funding climate change," said Kristen Perry, an organizer with Divest McGill. They're also running a Divestment 101 workshop to provide information to students on their campaign later this month. 

In a recent interview the president of Concordia University said he wasn't sure "that the analogy [between fossil fuel divestment and the anti-apartheid movement] holds. I'm not sure an analogy between the direct oppression of millions of people - there's something different, I'm not sure exactly what." Perhaps Alan Shepard is missing out on the fact that climate change is already, and will continue to be, a massive social justice issue and that the very foundations of the fossil fuel industry are built on environmental racism, classism, and oppression. 

On this note, a recent event in Montreal, co-hosted by Divest McGill and Divest Concordia, featured Bill McKibben and Ellen Gabriel speaking about the importance of the People's Climate March. In an interview, McKibben said about divestment at these schools, "[The students] will just have to increase the pressure, doing more organizing and taking a firmer line." 

Divest SFU also hit the campus, tabling and recruiting new members. 

Fossil Free Trent got a fancy spread in their university year book, and did a sweet banner drop action to call on the university to divest from Chevron. 

And Fossil Free Lakehead got a story in their campus news source

Something awesome happen this week that we missed? Comment below or send an email to and we'll be sure to include it next time! 

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