What do you call an industry that is planning to cook the planet? An industry responsible for destroying land, polluting the air and water, and violating the rights of people around the world? An industry who’s business model means burning over three times the amount of carbon our planetary carbon budget can handle?

We call them Fossil Fools - this year we’re declaring April 1st, Fossil Fools Day. A national day of student action across Canada, we’re going to take aim at the Fossil Fools on our campuses. 

Here's a list of participating campaigns!

There are over 20 fossil fuel divestment campaigns active on campuses across the country. Some of these campaigns have already received one 'no' vote from their University administrators, and some still have the chance to stand on the right side of history. April 1st will be a chance for us all to stand together as one and show Canada and the world the rising student power to take on climate injustice. For some campuses this will be the launch of their divestment campaigns, for others a chance to escalate, and for some this may be a chance to just educate their fellow students about the Fossil Fools they are investing in and supporting.

Want to start a campaign on Fossil Fools Day but don’t know where to start? Check out our First Steps Page and the Fossil Free Canada Divestment Toolkit! 

What you do on your campus is up to you. Some schools might organize public teach-ins that take over public space, others might march through their campus, you could use people and props to make a giant “X” or find a building or classroom named after a Fossil Fool and “X” it out. This is the next chance to push our universities and colleges and public institutions to move away from dirty energy and towards a just & sustainable future. 

Register your campaign's Fossil Fool's Day Action Here

We are so excited to launch a new resource this Fossil Fools Day to help you plan your creative action. Check out this Divestment Creative Action Guide. Get inspired as you read through it, plan your action, and register it. The Fossil Fools Day coordianting team will be there to help you every step of the way. On April 1st, send photos of your action to media[at] and we’ll use them to send a powerful message to the country and the world about the strength of this growing movement! Email divest[at] if you have any questions.


Register your campaign's Fossil Fool's Day Action Here 

Not a student?

Not a problem! You can either join a campus action in support, organize an alumni action/photo petition, or organize your own Fossil Fools action taking aim at the Fossil Fools in other public institutions. Find more resources here.



Action Strategy & Planning Manual (Ruckus Society)

198 Methods of Protest and Persuasion (Gene Sharp)

Banner Balloons (Ruckus)

Creative Action Visuals Manual (Ruckus)


Fossil Free Canada Media/Communications Guide

Media Manual (Ruckus Society)

Tips for Pitching Journalists (RAN)

How to Write Press Releases/Media Advisories (RAN)

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