First Steps

Step 1: Build a Team

All good campaigns start with a good team. Get together with your friends, and recruit the best activists on campus.

Step 2: Plan & Launch Your Campaign

Do some initial research into your school’s endowment and who runs the show. But don’t let research be the enemy of action — once you know who you’re asking to divest, announce your intentions. Send a letter to your President, Chancellor, or Board of Trustees and get your campaign going with a bang!

Step 3: Run a Petition & Build Campus Support

Run a petition, host events, start a Facebook page, meet with other campus groups, and plan some creative actions that make divestment the cool thing happening on campus. For more info on how to build & run an effective campaign, check out our campus organizing toolkit.

You can get started right now by creating a petition to your President or Board of Trustees right here on Petitions are a great way to demonstrate support for fossil fuel divestment on campus and build up a network that you can call on later in your campaign. When you create a petition on the Fossil Free site, you’ll get access to a dashboard of tools to help you manage it, including the ability to contact signers by email, download signatures for delivery, upload signatures collected offline, invite other organizers to administer the petition with you, edit your “call to action,” and add links to your external website and Facebook page. Ready to get started?


 Have questions or want to talk through your campaign strategy? Email us at divest[at]

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