Divestment Toolkit

It’s time to take a stand. Extreme weather events around the world — the floods, droughts, and wildfires that are ravaging our planet — make it clear that climate change is no longer a future threat: it’s clear and present danger. We have the solutions to solve this crisis, but so far, our politicians have refused the rise to the challenge.

The reason is clear. Every year, the fossil fuel industry spends millions of dollars to corrupt our democracy and maintain a stranglehold over our economy. Three simple numbers make it clear why. If we’re going to limit warming to 2°C, a goal that even the most conservative governments in the world have agreed to meet, then we can only burn 565 gigatons more of carbon dioxide. But the fossil fuel industry has 2,765 gigatons of carbon in their reserves – nearly five times the safe amount – and every day they’re searching for more.

A global movement is coming together to challenge the fossil fuel industry in a fight for the planet and our future on it. This activist guide – written by 350.org and adapted by the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition – aims to provide specific ideas, tactics, and resources to help you lead this movement in Canada.


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  • commented 2014-11-05 18:02:59 -0400
    This data is vital, and the issuu booklet is awesome. I’m a senior, as are the folks I need to convince into action, and this hi-tech version won’t work for me. I really need the .pdf version, and I can’t get it to download – in fact I can’t see anything on the webpage the link goes to. Help!