Alumni for Divestment

Are you an alumni from a Canadian University? Are you ready to take action for a sustainable and just future for all? This is the place for you. 

The Fossil Fuel Divestment movement has been instrumental in mobilizing and training thousands of students and young people in the fight for climate justice. The collective power we wield has the ability to put immense pressure on our institutions. They fight back with one of the only tools they have: time. University and College administrators bide their time sending divestment through committee after committee waiting for campaign leadership to graduate and our movement to weaken. They expect us to graduate out of the movement. It is time to show them,  that theirs is not the winning strategy. 


The current state of the climate crisis means that we refuse to stop when our classes do. We refuse to graduate out of the movement. This movement is a long term relationship we have with ourselves and with the earth. We are asking Canadian Alumni to commit to not donating to their alma mater until they commit to divestment. Willing to go one step further? You can also sign up below to return your degree to your institution, reminding them that their reputation is at risk the longer they refuse to act on behalf of their students' futures and the planet. Sign up to take the pledge.

Some Universities already have Alumni Divestment Campaigns. Check out the list below to find your alma mater:

McGill Alumni for Divestment


U of T Alumni for Divestment


Dalhousie Alumni for Divestment


Queen's Alumni for Divestment 


Mount Allison Alumni for Divestment


Don't see your University/College here? Sign up to take the pledge and you can help start or support an alumni campaign.

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