Workshops, presenters and facilitators wanted for Fossil Free Canada Convergence

Workshops, presenters and facilitators wanted for Fossil Free Canada Convergence

We are currently seeking panelists, speakers, and workshop facilitators for the Fossil Free Canada Convergence in Montréal, Québec from November 7th-9th.  

Sign up to provide a workshop, speak on a panel, or facilitate a session.

What is the Fossil Free Canada Convergence?

The Fossil Free Canada Convergence will bring together hundreds of students from campuses across the country to take the fossil fuel divestment movement in Canada to the next level. Although there are already nearly thirty active campus-based divestment campaigns in Canada, never before have these groups gathered together in the same place. This will be an opportunity to galvanize the divestment movement by providing training and resources to both active organizers and those wishing to launch new campaigns. 

The event will combine workshops, speakers and training with planning, networking and strategizing sessions. It will allow us to strengthen the knowledge and skillset of divestment organizers while also building a sense of community and commitment to a national strategy. All programming will include a strong emphasis on climate justice and the social inequalities inherent to fossil fuel extraction projects. We will address the moral and economic imperative for post-secondary institutions to divest, while also exploring opportunities for re-investment of these funds into renewable energy, sustainable technology, and community-based development.

Why do we need you?

At the Fossil Free Canada Convergence leaders from across movements will come together to share ideas and experiences that can be applied to fossil fuel divestment. We’re looking for sessions that are engaging, accessible, creative, fun, and empower participants to walk away with new skills, strategies and tools to make change. In order to do this we need your ideas, creativity and leadership.

We are particularly looking for speakers and facilitators living on the frontlines of fossil fuel extraction and other climate injustices and people with successful campaigning experience.

How Do I Sign-up?

We encourage anyone who is interested in sharing their skills, experiences or knowledge to apply to speak or facilitate at the Fossil Free Canada Convergence. We are looking for skill and issue-based workshops facilitators, speakers and panelists, and facilitators for caucuses and strategizing sessions. Sign up here!

Please be mindful that we may not be able to accommodate all proposals, and we may ask similar proposals to combine their effort; we appreciate your flexibility.


We have a limited budget; however, we may be able to help with transportation costs and other needs presenters may have.  Small honorariums may also be available depending on need (which you can indicate in the application form). Note: we do not have the resources to compensate all presenters and facilitators. If you are able to cover your own costs it goes a long way to freeing up resources for participation and leadership from a diversity of backgrounds.

We look forward to working with you!



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