What is Fossil Free Canada?

Fossil Free Canada is a national campus-based fossil fuel divestment movement that now connects nearly thirty student divestment campaigns across Canada, and continues to grow. By pressuring institutions such as universities to divest from fossil fuel companies, we are able to send a clear message that these industries no longer have the social license they require to operate.

Bringing divestment to the forefront also provides opportunities to clearly demonstrate the economic risk inherent to fossil fuel investments, help engage the media, drive public opinion, and put pressure on politicians to move away from a carbon-based economy. The divestment movement in Canada has the potential to be a powerful tool as well in challenging the “inevitability” of tar sands development being pushed by industry and government.

Not only does the continued expansion of fossil fuel industries contribute to climate change, and creating a potentially unlivable future for our society, but it also directly infringes upon the livelihoods and well-being of often traditionally marginalized communities living on the frontlines of these industries. Divestment, as a tactic, is vital if we are to stigmatize fossil fuel industries and begin demonstrating that large institutions and investors will no longer tolerate the environmental and social injustices inherent to these industries.

Fossil Free Canada has already begun to play a key role in increasing and unifying student opposition to fossil fuel industries at a national level. We already have nearly thirty active divestment campaigns being organized by students at universities and colleges across the country. Recently, we hosted the first national divestment convergence, bringing together more than 120 student organizers from over fifteen divestment campaigns to train, network, and build capacity and strategy to elevate and amplify our movement at the national level.